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Dec 18, 2012 11:00am PST
strauss-kahn. it changes every year. there's a picture of obama where he's really distancing himself and it's very funny. >> let's hit jack's bar. >> all right. >> he won't mind. >> no. >> what a gorgeous view. >> isn't it though? cheers. >> this is nice. >> there's usually the stage and the band curtain. >> i was wondering how you created a set within a set. but this actually looks like the back of the "snl" set. >> yes. we based all of this when i did these sets at the beginning. so i walked through. even this cable. this isn't real. hair and makeup. this isdressing room. >> wow. it's as loud as tracy. >> exactly. >> tracy is kind of self-absorbed. so everything in here has his face on it. you know what i'm noticing a lot more too, anybody can put in their own home is these textured wall papers. >> it doesn't read that much on film, but it has a metallic color to it. >> animal print is popular these days. you don't have to go tracy jordan animal print. >> throw on the couch. it's affordable. >> well, thank you so much for the tour today. this was so much fun. we got a bit of everyo
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1